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Santorini Island

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Santorini is globally known as a heavenly romantic destination with breathtaking caldera views and magic sunsets, but it is far more than that. It's an island forged by the fierce power of lava, stone and the sea, with a rich history evident in every step you take. Start your exploration from Akrotiri, the most important archaeological site of the island; an entire prehistoric city which was completely covered by volcanic lava after the catastrophic eruption of 1614 B.C. Then, head to Ancient Thira not only for the panoramic view from the top of Mesa Vouno, but also to admire the Dorian city built in the 9th century B.C. by King Thiras.

History is seamless in Santorini but it can easily be combined with carefree strolls to places that travel you to different eras of the past. Don't miss an afternoon walk around the Kastelli in Emporio, a medieval settlement built around 1450 A.D. with alleys so narrow that only one person can pass at a time. The castle of Emporio is only one of the five Kastelia (castles) of Santorini, all of them built by the Venetians who conquered the island in 1204 A.D. The remains of the castles of Skaros at Imerovigli village and Akrotiri are also there, ready to charm you with their medieval allure, whereas the atmospheric Kastelli of Pyrgos village is nowadays one of the most popular places of Santorini amongst its visitors.

Closing our exciting wandering around the history of Santorini, we couldn't leave out the breathtaking Oia; this village on the northern side of Santorini is the most famous place in all of Greece, not only for the incredible sunsets but also for the unique architecture of the houses cascading the caldera cliffs.  Wander around the scenic alleys of Oia village and head to the summit, the Kastro, from where you will admire along with thousands of people from all around the world, the most romantic and sensational sunset of your life.